Lethargic White Star Chicken

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White Star stopped laying eggs for a couple of days, which is not unusual then laid a soft shelled one after 3 or 4 days, again, not unusual.

Didn't lay for another 3 or 4 days but then soft shelled one appeared yesterday which was stuck to her "undercarriage". She couldn't clean it off herself so I burst what was there, gently cleaned her up and left her to "recover".

Her vent looks to be inflamed - but it's not something I usually have a close look at.

She has been disappearing to the nest box quite a bit more often than usual but she's not laying, as is she wants to but she's got a problem.

Perhaps it's my "if I was a chicken" imagination, but she looks as if she is walking oddly.

She was unusually quiet on Saturday, even more so yesterday. She didn't roam with the rest of the gang, or rush to the kitchen door whenever I left the house. S

he seemed to be in a little trance or, perhaps, was uncomfortable so just not moving around.

Today, she was not interested in leaving the nest box when she usually tried to tunnel her way out at day break.

Last time I checked on her, she was stood up in the nest box, didn't even think about not letting me touch her and there was a drop on the end of her beak.

Not sure if she's eating anything; can't tell if she's drinking anything but not interested when I
offered her a drink bottle this morning.

I've not seen her since early this morning so don't know what she's like now . . hope she's OK . . .

Follow Up:


I am extremely sorry to report that she is dead.

I was too late in finding out what was wrong with her and how to make it right and make her better. I have failed her.

I strongly suspect that she was egg-bound.

At least I now know the signs and know what to do if this happens and that I need to act quicker.

I will get the remedy for this together today so I've always got it hany for the very instant I suspect something is happening.

I had less than twenty-four hours I believe to do something. . .


We are terribly sorry for your loss. Your hen could have been egg-bound and in this case there are numerous home remedies, such as increasing some calcium in the diet, vitamin supplements, and also sometimes just sitting the hen in a warm bath can help the muscle stiffness that sometimes causes these problems.

The egg-bound problem can sometimes be confused with other more serious problems though such as salpingitis or other internal issues.

These are pretty rare, but something like this would have caused the quick death and there probably was nothing you could have done.

Best wishes and fill us in if you find anything else out!

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by: Anonymous

We are sorry for your loss. We are so attached to "our girls" I know it would be really hard to lose one. We understand how you feel.

Fancy Not Feeling Well
by: Anonymous

I also have a hen named Fancy. She stopped laying and would just stand around and wouldn't follow the other hens around yard or run to the deck to meet me when I came out like always.

I brought her into the house, and she has been in for three days now. Fancy will drink, but today is the first time I have seen her eat a little. She still hasn't laid an egg.

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