by Courtney
(Lawrenceburg, ky, USA )

We've raised chickens for a while. Recently one of our chickens has lost its balance, it usually falls on its side, we've had this happen before, the chicken usually poops all over itself, it's ribs are deformed, usually dies after a few weeks.


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by: Sharon

Interesting set of symptoms. I've never had this happen, that I know of.

You make it sound like this has happened to more than one of your chickens, so I would suspect a contagious disease.

Isolating individuals may help prevent the spread, but it's possible your flock might all be carriers by now.

These symptoms don't remind me of a specific disease. If these are the only symptoms, it's mysterious. Some diseases can remain in the environment for a long time, which means introducing new chickens to this flock and environment may result in a disease spreading to them.

If this has only happened to one of your chickens, it could be a sign of old age, injury, something toxic that chicken ate...

You need to investigate, possibly get the help of a veterinarian to diagnose this so you know what you are dealing with. You shouldn't sell or give away any chickens until you know. I would suggest that you not let any of your hens hatch eggs either. There is no point spreading disease, if that's the problem.

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