by Christine
(Whitmore )

This has been going on for 3 months now. My rooster normally big n tough has lost his tail n balance overnight. I looked at his tail n feathers underneath n it was darker like deep down dirt. He keeps falling forward when he goes to eat so I elevated his eating dish. He goes running backwards. All the while he just goes on with his day. He just can't eat or drink without losing his balance so I help him. Does his tail make him balance? His comb changes color from red to parts of it purple n red again. I'm stuck on finding answers especially since its lasting for so long. He's eating good too. Please help.

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by: Sharon

Part of me wishes I had some experience with this that might help you and another part of me is very glad I've never been through this with a chicken.

Probably the reason you are having so much trouble getting information, is that this is very unusual, and in my experience, unheard of.

All I can do is give some guesses:

If he is an older rooster he may just be experiencing normal losses of general health. When health declines, all those beautiful tail feathers can be hard to produce.

I might also guess an injury or attack of some kind that may have damaged the bed area of his tail feathers, and may at the same time have caused some spinal injury, possibly just nerves, but that could explain the loss of feathers & balance.

If he is young and has not been injured in anyway, I am at a loss for knowing reasons why this has happened to him. I'm unaware of disease that causes these symptoms.

I would consider conditioning feed plus vitamins and minerals to see if he is able to respond with better health. I believe these symptoms are a sign of a serious problem, but if he can be helped or not I don't know.

Sorry I can't be more help.

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