Lump on breast not walking


Lump on breast not walking: I just bought a few baby chickens and one of them is slightly large and he has a lump on his chests but it’s kinda to the right side.

He also wont walk it seems like its hard for him. I have already had one die I don't want another one to.

This sounds like an impacted crop. The location of the lump you describe is where the crop is located.

If the chick eats a lot and doesn’t drink enough, or has eaten something that doesn’t break down well in the crop, the contents can become too hard to dissolve and pass through the rest of the digestive system.

When the crop is impacted the contents can sour, a condition called “sour crop”. The contents can begin to grow too much bacteria and become toxic, blocking digestion and making the chick undernourished and starving even though it has been eating.

I would suggest adding a table spoon of apple cider vinegar per cup of water in the drinker for the chicks for a few days.

A raw or natural cider vinegar will contain enzymes that can help break down crop contents.

For this one chick not doing well you should give the vinegar water from an eye dropper and gently massage the lump to break it down to a mushy consistency. It should begin to digest. The vinegar will help kill off excess bacteria.

I’m not sure why this is happening. You might check the temperature of your brooder. If it’s too warm the chicks may not be drinking enough to keep up with fluid needs.

Week old chicks need a brooder temp of about 95 F at their level of the brooder. Each week you can reduce the temp about 5 – 10 degrees. You will know by their behavior if they are too warm or too cool.

It’s good to offer heat at one end of the brooder allowing the chicks to move closer to the source or further and regulate their own body temperature.

Chicks that are too warm will pant, and too cold will usually peep and complain, then become lethargic.

Medicated chick start can inhibit good digestive bacteria and cause nutrients not to break down effectively.

Giving a Probiotic product can help restore good digestive bacteria for better digestion of feed.

Always make sure chicks have plenty of water available. Running out for even an hour can mean the beginnings of an impacted or sour crop.

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5 week old chick
by: wayde

My 5 week old chick has a lump in its neck, I read about a impacted crop so I massaged it off an on for about three days, seems to be a little better, but now it seems to feel like a balloon filled with air or something, what can I do

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