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by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for answering
I have given him the sugar and water. the first time I gave it to him he took a few good drinks and he seemed to perk up a while later- at least enough for a dust bath and a bit of food, which was excellent.

Today he has seemed to be worse so I tried the warm pellets and added honey. he wasn't interested, although took some tiny sips of sugar water when I offered him some. he ate a few pellets.

He is still weak and wants to sleep all the time. I'll keep trying with the sugar water and warm pellets and ill get some of the probiotic stuff to.

I have been getting his water from another source in case it was contaminated water that made him sick, and got a new lot of chicken food in case it was the food.

His stools are still really runny, and he doesn't go very often- for a baby chicken anyway. I'll keep trying.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

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