My chicken is lethargic

My hen Rosie has been acting lethargic for the last few days but it's very noticeable today and her belly seems larger than usual and she's walking like it her belly is heavy.

Her crop has little food in it and most of it doesn't feel like their normal chicken food. She did eat when I offered her food and her reaction time is off. She also has not so good balance.

Thank you for an answer. :-)

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Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you! I think it is internal laying to because she hasn't layed in so long. I gave her antibiotics and treats and she seems a little better.

by: sharon

Sorry to read about your hen. What you've described reminds me of EGG YOLK PERITONITIS symptoms.

If that's what it is, often the only cure is literally having a chicken spayed. Her ovaries and over producing and her body is malfunctioning. This is a common malady in production breed chickens, when they reach about 2 years old and are laid-out.

The breed type is not genetically programmed for a long healthy life, but a short and highly productive life. Not knowing the breed or her age, I'm just guessing, based on what you've said.

I don't intentionally collect production breed chickens, but did rescue one once. She started having difficulties like you mentioned, at 2 years old, and sadly didn't live long. If you Google "Egg Yolk Peritonitis", you can read all the medical details about it.

I hope that's not what's happening with your girl. Without a thorough vet exam, by a vet familiar with chickens & avian reproductive systems, you may never know what has caused this.

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