My unwell chicken

by Lakshi

I had asked before also.Just wanted to know that will feeding my chicken with garlic help him as its becoming little colder here?Moreover, we gave him bath a few days back.I have observed one more thing that his legs have become little wobbly like when i feed him the food he sort of gets imbalanced,sit down partially on the floor.Before he used to stand upright and while eating food he used to be very active.Why is it happening so?

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by: sharon

Lakshi, not knowing why he is sick, hard to say why he is acting the way he is. Garlic might be helpful. It is a natural anti-biotic.

I'm hoping he is actually swallowing the food you are trying to get him to eat. If he has any respiratory problems, he may be having trouble swallowing & breathing at the same time. Still very important to get him to eat as much as you can, if he is willing to swallow.

Keeping him extra warm is important. Sick chickens, just like sick people can be running a fever and need extra warmth.

The fact that he is still alive and that you are able to feed him is a good sign. Chickens are pretty strong creatures. But when sick they need help.

Hoping this goes well.

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