by Marsha Benson
(dwight nd 58075)

My chickens don't lay tell late in the morning what up?

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by: sharon

Hi Marsha,

Your chickens probably don't know you want eggs for breakfast, not lunch.

But seriously: Chickens lay an egg about 30 hours. They aren't on a 24 hour clock, and your girls don't all lay at the same time.

I have 5 hens. Some days I get 5 eggs when I go check, sometimes just 2 or 3. Personally I like to get all the eggs in the fridge before the girls go to roost each evening. But often check at different times during the day and can find any number of eggs, from none on up.

Some days I get no eggs, but that doesn't mean they aren't laying, just that their laying cycles have kind converged with that kind of gap.

There is nothing we can do to change their laying pattern or schedule. At some point you will probably be getting morning eggs again, for a while.

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