by Rita Link

I've had two young chicks about 2 months old one started to like stagger and act like it was falling forward and then it started to look like it's legs was going in two different directions sort of like the splits and if I try to help it, it hollers like i'm hurting it so I just sit it back down one has already died now I have another one with same symptoms, please help I can't stand how it makes them act and hurt. Thank you


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by: Sharon

I'm so sorry this is happening. I can understand your frustration & feeling of helplessness towards these chicks.

Because this has affected both chicks, in such a similar way, I would suspect the possibility of disease, toxin or maybe deficiency. If they are related it could be genetic.

I don't know what breed they are, how long you've had them, what you feed them, what their environment is like or what their health condition was when you got them.

Are they possibly Cornish Cross? Some breeds are designed to grow fast, and put on a lot of weight and size quickly. Sometimes they can become too heavy for their own legs.

I really wish I could give you a more educated guess, but without photos and more information, all I can tell you is that there isn't much you could have done or much you can do to prevent this from taking their lives. Something so serious at their young age could be disabling for the rest of their lives.

If this is disease, you should assume it is contagious and take precautions with any other poultry where these chicks have been. Wash well after handling, too. I've never seen what I believe you are describing, though some diseases can cause the loss of the use of their legs.

When chicks or chickens are having this kind of problem, they should be isolated away from other poultry, kept clean and warm with food and water near.

Not knowing what has caused this it's impossible to tell you how to cure it. I'm so sorry.

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