by Stacey petty
(Leonard, Texas, usa)

I had 6 birds a few days ago when 1 unexpectedly died. Now another is getting sick. She is lethargic, has diarrhea and is laying strangely with 1 leg up in the air. The 4 remaining birds seem fine. The 2 that have gotten sick came from a separate source and I've only had them about 2 weeks. I've isolated the sick bird that's still alive. Any ideas what could be wrong? What should I do?

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Thank you NEW
by: Stacey Petty

Thanks, that helps. I'm in nursing so I'm treating this "patient" with contact isolation precautions. Hopefully she gets better.

by: Sharon

At this stage I would assume that all your chickens have been exposed to something. Some diseases are only contagious when symptoms show and some are contagious from silent carriers, showing no signs of illness.

It would take medical testing to prove for sure what this is. Marek's disease is common and highly contagious. It can cause paralysis and is usually fatal.

I would suggest you study up on different chicken diseases and see if you can diagnose based on descriptions you read. When you have the best idea of what it might be, then you can decide what to do.

At this point though, I would suggest you consider that your whole flock is affected and take precautions to prevent the spread of any disease. Observing symptoms will be what gives you the clues to learn what this is.

There are toxins that could cause similar problems, so you should check around for that possibility. One of the most common toxins to chickens is rat and mouse poisons that chickens accidentally have access to. But it's still good to handle and contain your chickens as you would for a known contagious disease.

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