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Question about chickens please help
by: Blair

I started out with 20 chickens: 10 Rhode-Island reds and 10 Americanas they were 6 months old last Christmas and on schedule started laying. We moved and a critter at our new place decimated my flock in a two month period, now I only have three left and they won't lay, it's starting to get cold here so I have turned on lights in the coop, but not sure what else to do I would like to replace what I lost but the only birds I can find locally have a pretty bad case of lice, they are being treated but will they continue to lay after they are cured. I would really like to buy Cochins but I have to wait till January they can't ship them because of the heat. Are Cochins good layers I know they are large birds and I think they lay brown eggs, but I am not sure about that either and how long will a chicken lay eggs? I have been told they won't lay in the winter but I have found if I keep them warm they do. Is there something to this and what can I do to help keep them laying through the winter months?

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