Stuck-on poop


Stuck-on poop: We just acquired 12 baby chicks a few days ago. We have 4 Rhode Island Reds, 4 Australorps, and 4 Wyanndottes.

One of the RI Reds has a large clump of dried-on poop that seems to have attached itself to the skin?

I tried scraping it off...the bird has pecked at it....and it truly seems to be attached to the skin now.

What is this? Do I need to quarantine this little girl so it doesn't affect the other chicks?

It’s important to watch chicks and make sure their little butts stay clean.

Sometimes in the process of adjusting to life outside the shell, there can be a little diarrhea, that is nothing to worry about.

I know that stuff can get hard. When I find something like that I like to crack it off, very carefully, with needle nose pliers BEING VERY CAREFUL NOT TO INJUR THE CHICK.

You can get most of it off that way and then give it a bath to remove the rest.

If I have a chick that repeatedly gets this way and I might use a little petroleum jelly on the feathers around the vent to prevent build up.

It’s also important to address the digestive problem. Mixing 1 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar in every cup of the chicks drinking water for a few days can help balance digestion.

Giving grated apple and chopped leafy greens can help, too.

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by Rachel

Pasting: Beautiful 2 day old New Hampshire reds have badly pasted butts.

Am trying warm water, vasealine, olive oil. What to do???

If you are asking how to clean them, the best way is to fill a large bucket with warm water, deep enough to really soak that area.

Use a poultry shampoo or similar product that can help dissolve the dried feces.

If these aren’t show birds you can just trim the feathers, then lightly coat the feathers around the vent with a bit of oil until you get them right again.

Something is off in their digestive tract causing either diarrhea or constipation.

If they have eaten an unusual amount of something they are not used to, it might have changed what had been a well balanced digestive system.

You could try adding ¼ cup raw apple cider vinegar per gallon of their drinking water for a few days.

It can have a settling affect in an upset system and provide enzymes to help better break down feed. Having access to fresh vegetation is important for good chicken digestion.

Lack of fiber can get them blocked up. If the problem is diarrhea, you might want to buy a “probiotic” supplement at the feed store.

This can work to once again create a good balance of digestion, making sure they can absorb nutrients they need from their food.

Giving them some raw apples may help, too. Hope this helps.

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