Chick no butt feathers


Chick no butt feathers: My baby chick is just a few weeks old and it has no feathers on its butt.

You can see its pulsating vent or whatever its called, but a lot of feathers are missing on its whole rear end.

It looks dirty and gross like poop build up and I cleaned it but its still gross looking and there is no feathers and she keeps picking at it. Help?

What you are describing sounds similar to pasty butt. If the droppings are too thick from not drinking enough they can get stuck inside and outside causing the chick much discomfort.

It may have pulled feathers due to the discomfort in an attempt to relieve its self. You will have to bathe it and help it get better.

Using a little petroleum jelly or even a little vegetable oil may help the build up from happening again.

You might need to feed some fruit and chopped leafy greens to help it have normal droppings again.

If this chick has diarrhea a probiotic may help. Most feed stores carry this. Droppings on the skin can cause much irritation, like a baby with diaper rash.

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Pasty bottom on chick

Pasty bottom on chick: I just got 8 new baby chicks and they are all doing perfectly fine except for the smallest one.

He seems to have a pasty butt. The substance looks like a bunch of backed up poop mixed with the bedding or something. The rest of my baby chicks have no signs of this.

I have not done anything yet to help her because I am afraid I might do something wrong and she is also the smallest one.

Another thing I am worried about is that the chick is only 5 days old and it is very fragile. It does not seems that any of her innards are hanging out, right now it is just her waste.

Should I remove it? And also should I give this chick a new diet to prevent this from happening again?

A chick with a build up of droppings on its vent may not be able to pass any more droppings. This can cause a complete shut down of their digestive tract, which may be the reason this chick is failing to thrive.

Like a sink with a clog, a clogged up chick has no room for new food, if the old food is plugging him up. Food trapped inside a chick becomes toxic and can poison them.

The first weeks of a chick’s life are vital for their ability to thrive and grow and develop normally.

Each day a chick doesn’t get good nutrition, for whatever reason, is a day that threatens its survival.

The best way to remove the build up is with a warm bath and diluted soap. Allowing the droppings to soften in water and soap make them easier to remove without harming the chick, and rinse well.

Once clean and dry you might use some petroleum jelly or vegetable oil to coat the vent area feathers, until you are able to correct this digestive problem.

Since this chick is small it is nutrient deficient. I would suggest a product called Chick Save that may help it.

Offering the chicks some chopped leafy greens and some grated fresh apple will add fiber and enzymes to their diet, which is healthy for all.

A probiotic will add good digestive bacteria that will help break down feed, which makes more nutrients available in the food you already use. Hope this helps and you can save this little one.

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Sick baby chic

by Alexis

Sick baby chic: Has been sleeping a lot more than the others. Will hardly eat. Doesn’t move around. VERY sluggish.

Poop is stuck in its butt. How do I get it off without hurting her? I heard that they could get sick and die from the poop being stuck; I just don't know how to fix it.

When the poop sticks it can stop the flow and back up their system so even if they did eat the food and water couldn’t move through.

To remove the poop you will have to bathe and soak it until it softens. It usually gets stick to feathers and pulling too hard could cause bleeding from feathers being pulled out.

Once you get the poop off, offer soaked feed and lots of water. This chick may need Chick Save or similar product to get its strength back and do well again.

After the bath, make sure the chick stays very warm til dry. Hopefully you can save it.

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