Pet Chickens

by John

Thelma our Buff Laced Cochin

Thelma our Buff Laced Cochin


Pet Chickens: I want to know which chickens make the best pets?

If you are wanting a chicken just for companionship and are not worried about egg production, I would have to go with the Cochins. They do not lay well, but their personality more than makes-up for this. I have two Buff Lace Cochins and they are a fluff ball of feathers. They follow my wife around the yard and at the end of the day try and roost on her shoulders. You will not regret having these birds as part of your flock.

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by: Lacey

I have a Cochin names Thelma too!! I Just love them, and your Thelma is beautiful! I also have a few frizzle cochins, that are actually really good egg layers, tiny eggs, but they come everyday in the spring/summer. and they are literally a little fuzz ball walking around all day so cute!

Beautiful Bird
by: Anonymous

I also have Cochins, and I agree that these have to be the sweetest birds ever. My two Cochins live inside my house most of the time. Never a dull moment.

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