by Tammie

We got 9 hens and 1 Rooster a week ago. They were 12 weeks old. One decided to try and find a way out. So a huge owl tried to pull her through the fence. She had several deep lacerations and had no balance and very little use of her legs. A week in and she eats, drinks, tries to fly, scratches and will walk a little and hangs with the other brood.

She has daily rehab and she is getting better everyday. She still has a balance issue and sits on her but more than her feet. Is there anything we can do that we haven't thought of. Thanks for any help. She's a good chick that has become the pet.


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by: Sharon

It's a great sign that she continues to improve, eat, drink, scratch and tries to get around.

Only time will tell if she can recover enough to lead a good quality of life. Not knowing the extent of trauma to muscles, nerves and tendons, it's not possible to know how much she will recover full use of her body.

At this point keeping her safe from bullying from other chickens is just as important as protecting her from predators outside the flock.

There is no easy answer for helping her. Just as a human that was severely injured, it just takes time to heal and build up strength.

Chickens are tough creatures and she hasn't given up. So, I'm sure with time and continued TLC she will do the best she possibly can do. If that is enough to be able to function normally in a flock, is anyone's guess.

Wishing her the best & a speedy recovery!

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