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Point of Lay - Cocciodisis?

by: Anonymous

Point of Lay - Cocciodisis? It's not uncommon for a hen that has just begun laying to not lay perfectly every time. Her internal "egg factory" is quite an elaborate production line.

She certainly could be egg bound and it sounds like the actions you have taken should have helped her pass an egg, although, external lubrication wouldn't help an internal problem.

An egg bound hen can have unusual droppings from diarrhea to complete constipation, depending where the egg is stuck.

Cocciodisis can be treated with an antibiotic designed to target it. There is a withdrawal time with most antibiotics, where eggs are not safe for human consumption, so she should be isolated during the treatment and withdrawal time.

To diagnose cocciodisis you should take a sample to the vet for testing.

Poorly chicken egg bound?

by: Anonymous

Poorly chicken egg bound?: We have 3 point of lay chickens had them for 4 weeks now. Two are laying however Daisy hasn't, with the exception of two soft eggs in one day then a large egg the next.

She has been quiet for 4 days now and two days ago she layed the large egg, nothing since. She has been sitting or standing not eating as much though she doesn't seem dehydrated!

We gave her a warm bath for 30mins today and we put some olive oil on her vent (vent looked soft and ok)though we are complete novices.

She is now resting in a cardboard box with towels and a heating pad on low under the box to dry her and keep her warm.

Her poo has been dark and sticky with what looks like dry powdery egg shell? For the past few days.I'm worried!! Could anyone advise me. Could this be coccidosis?

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