Problem walking

I bought 3 chicks, 2 white silkies and 1 Black bantam hen ( Cochin? ) 12wks later I find that 1 silkie is a rooster and has been jumping my black hen. Now my hen is having trouble with balance and walking, please help as I don't know what to do, they are separated now.

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Trouble Walking
by: sharon


You did the right thing to separate them. These must be pretty mature chicks, if the little roo is mounting others.

Hopefully a break from the busy little rooster will give this one a chance to get better.

Short of taking the pullet to a vet and spending a lot of $$ to find out what is wrong (Xrays, possibly other tests), all you can do is support her with good care and hope that this is temporary.

There are some diseases that can cause balance and walking issues. If she is eating, drinking and working on being active, she might be just fine soon.

I doubt that a rooster close to her age and size could do any serious damage to her body by mounting her.

Make sure she is getting a good chick growth formula to help her grow strong muscles, bones and joints. I don't know where you bought the chicks, but it is possible they didn't get a healthy start. She could have been lacking nutrients she needed to be strong.

Chickens and chicks are generally strong and healthy creatures IF they have a good diet, good clean environment & water.

Make sure your chicks are getting some fruits and veggies, along with their feed. Avoid chicken scratch, unless it's just a treat. Scratch grains are cheap and not the best food for chickens, especially growing chicks.

Hope this helps! Please let us know how she does.

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