problem with the eggs??

by Kong
(Kansas City, Kansas, U.S)

so there was a storm in Kansas city, and our house a blackout. we moved the baby chicks and the unhatched chicks to my sister-in law's house, which, luckily still had electricity. the incubator was off for a few minutes, is the chicks OK?

Also just today (6/28/15) the wire that gave my sister-in laws's electricity (i can't remember the name for it) was either broken off by accident or cut off. but the incubator was off for maybe 1-4 hours....Could of been longer.
will they still have a chance of hatching?? they are expected to hatch in 1-3 days from now.

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by: sharon

The few minutes of no power to the incubator would be no problem and the 1-4 hours, or longer, would depend on the temperature in the house where the incubator was located. Mother hens will get off their eggs for a bit, at times, during the incubation process. Usually not that long, though. You will know in a few days. If you like, you can candle the eggs and see if there are signs of life. Live chicks inside the eggs will usually move around a bit, reacting to the light. Thick shells can prevent seeing much detail inside the eggs. You don't say how long ago the power was off for hours. If the chicks are alive and well, you could see a reddish glow due to the blood flow inside the egg. So close to hatching the chicks should be taking up much of the space inside the shell, so possibly all you will see is dark shadows if the chicks are alive or not. Hoping this hatch goes well for you.

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