Pulled Tail Feathers Found on Dead Chicken

My son had a chicken die. We think the rest of his chickens plucked their tail feathers out and put them on the dead one. What would be the reason for this?

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Plucked Feathers Found on Chicken
by: sharon

This is bizarre and not according to any chicken behavior I have ever hear of or could imagine.
I can think of nothing in normal chicken behavior that could explain anything like this.

Frankly, I would not assume other chickens did this. If the chickens were seen actually pulling their tail feathers out and placing them on a dead chicken, I might believe it. But I'm sorry, I really don't believe that what you have described is how this really happened.

Were all their tail feathers pulled out, or just a few?

How did the chicken die (sick, attacked by predator, unknown)?

Was the dead chicken healthy last seen?

What kind of chickens are these?

What place in the flock did the dead chicken hold (dominant or submissive in the flock)?

Did anyone see this happen?

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