Rash on Beak & Comb

by Jan
(Vancouver, WA USA)

Hen's beak has brown raised spots and area around comb has the same. Her head is looking grey now.

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Rash on Head
by: Sharon


Thanks for writing. I wish I could see a photo. From what you describe this could be an injury of some kind or possibly an avian virus.

Either way I would separate her from the flock. If it is a virus, it could spread easily to the rest of your chickens. Either way, separating her will prevent others from bothering her.

If her general health is good otherwise & she is not suffering from any other conditions, she should recover. With a virus, if the chicken survives it to a point where all signs are healed, they usually become immune to the virus.

You would need testing to know what this is for sure.

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