Red chicken pooping disease

by Bob
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Red chicken pooping disease: What is the the disease common with Road Island Red chickens, that causes a poop build-up on their bottom side?

I don’t know that there’s any disease common to RIRs that isn’t common to all chickens. The poop build up happens if the droppings are overly runny or thick.

In both cases, an unbalanced diet can cause less than optimum droppings. A balanced diet must include enough protein, fiber and good fat for the demands of their life.

Having access to fresh vegetation, as much as possible, all year around, is important for good chicken health as are vitamins and minerals.

Intestinal disease can cause an imbalance in digestion. If certain bacteria levels become too high or too low, diarrhea my be the result.

Diarrhea can be responsible for feed and liquids to pass though too quickly for vital nutrients to be absorbed.

Chickens can eat and drink enough, but be starving and dehydrated if disease is present.

Well digested food generally passes through with a normal balance of fully processed solids and liquids and doesn’t leave evidence on feathers in the vent area.

If you suspect intestinal disease the next step would be to get a sample of droppings to the vet, or take the chicken with the most obvious problem to the vet for exam and testing.

Until the problem is solved you will want to bathe or trim the dirty feathers to prevent build up.

Worst case can be the vent getting totally blocked with poo matted feathers. This can stop poo from exiting the vent and cause a toxic internal build up.

An external build up can attract flies that may lay eggs, which turn into maggots and a horrible mess.

Trimming vent area feathers will make your job of keeping them clean much easier, as you find the cause and solve the problem.

Sometimes adding good digestive bacteria and enzymes to the diet is enough to rebalance digestion.

There are pro biotic products available and fresh fruits and greens provide enzymes and fiber for more complete digestion.

Antibiotics may be necessary if disease is present, but you have to learn which disease to know which antibiotic is right.

Testing would be necessary. Antibiotics can kill good digestive bacteria, especially when given orally, so replacing good bacteria with pro-biotics is important during and after antibiotic treatment.

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