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Our 5 week old chick is having labored breathing. It seems to have something wrong with one or both of its legs. It still eats and drinks. It also makes a strange honking noise occasionally.


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by: Sharon

This sounds like a possible respiratory infection, possibly caused by bacteria, virus or irritation.

Good that it's still eating and drinking. Poor little guy...working hard to survive.

I'd try vitamins and electrolytes before antibiotics. Some added vitamin C in the vitamins might help, plus some good immune boost with B vits.

It really shouldn't be around other chicks on the chance that this is contagious.

Make sure it is plenty warm (has access to heat lamp even if your weather is hot - don't force it to be under lamp, just available), to help keep the immune system & digestive system working well.

Sometimes just exposure to sunlight, when it's not hot, can help it's body produce what it needs to be healthy.

Can't tell you why this happened, just that working to support its health and immune system is often better and more helpful than antibiotics. All depends what caused this.

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