Rooster by the roadside

by Beth

Rooster by the roadside: I found a rooster one cold, damp, rainy October evening. He was just standing on the side of a dirt road.

It was obvious he had no clue what to do. I had my oldest son with me as we were driving to pick up dinner.

There were no houses nearby at all, much less any farms - so we got out and it only took a few minutes to catch him.

I had a blanket in the van and wrapped him in it. My son held him on his lap and the poor thing was shivering.

We brought him home, kicked the dogs out of their crate and made him a warm bed. He wasn't at all afraid of the dogs, the cats or the kids, and he soon fell asleep.

The next day, my husband took him to a nearby place where the people had some chickens and roosters.

They told us our rooster seemed too calm to be one of theirs but they'd take him anyway. So we left him with them.

Two days later, my husband and I were leaving the house in separate cars. He went down the road first - but stopped at the bottom, and then got out and went to the front of his car.

Lo and behold, running out from behind his car and straight up the hill towards me was the very same rooster! So I got out, picked him up and took him back home.

He lived in my house for almost two weeks before we found him a wonderful home. He followed me around like a dog, slept at my feet and perched on my foot while I watched TV.

He stood guard vigilantly every night, until he fell asleep standing up...if he wanted attention, he'd sneak up behind me and crow - which was a heart stopper.

I would have kept him forever if circumstances allowed. The whole family fell in love with this guy. He had so much personality, he was very friendly and affectionate - just the greatest bird.

I miss him, but he is with people who appreciate him, love him and take excellent care of him. He has some chicken lady friends, as well as his favorite friends - goats.

He has gone out and done some educational animal presentations for school children with human help of course, and so is helping to teach others the same lesson he taught me. Chickens are awesome!

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Chickens make the best pets

by: julie

I have a lot of health issues and finally had to quit working,so since i was now home usually by myself all day as everyone had jobs or school.

I got some baby chicks and they soon became my best friends. My rooster- Goober was so imprinted by me he had no idea he was a chicken.

He loves to be held and kissed, he would sit on my lap for hours and watch TV. My little hen -Emma had a very dynamic personality but she was very affectionate.

I would kiss her on the side of her face and she would close her eyes and wiggle her little head and make sweet singing sounds. She was very special.

I lost them both within a month of each other. The roo had a large mass in his abdomen and I think Emma had cancer.

It was devastating to loose both so close together. I miss them so.
I was very luck to have 2 such wonderful little beings in my life.

Angel Unaware

by: Lorene

Makes you wonder if sometimes God sends an angel to be entertained dressed all in feathers.
What a wonderful story. I had a childhood pet that was a large black and white rooster. He, too, was a wonderful companion.


by: Eileen

What a wonderful story! We had a favorite roo that would cuddle with me and the kids and never showed one ounce of aggression. We lost him to a dog, and it was a heart-breaker. I'm glad you stopped to take care of that rooster!

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