Rooster with Walking & Balance Problems

by Kimberly
(Hornick Iowa)

My roster is not walking around very well and acts drunk. I have him now in his own cage and he eats and drinks fine but not moving around much at all. I have looked him over and see no bugs and nothing hurt on him. I am at a loss at what to do with him. I have called a lot of vets around here and NO one will touch him. Not even look at him to see if it is something he will come out of or do I need to think of putting him down.

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Rooster Acting Drunk
by: sharon

Hi Kimberly,

Sorry to read about your guy. Sounds like you are doing all you can for him.

Unfortunately it can be very difficult to diagnose a chicken and vets that don't have the knowledge would probably waste your money, and are doing you a favor by refusing to examine him.

Being off-balance could be from an ear infection, or possible injury to his head, back, legs, feet or neck. There may be no signs outside his body.

I don't know his age or breed, so don't know where he's at in his life expectancy. As chickens get older, they can develop problems.

He might get better with cage rest. If something needs to heal, that's the best place for him. If there are no other signs of illness, like congestion, drooling, runny eyes, fever, sour crop or an impacted crop, he may recover.

Sour or impacted crops turn a chicken's digestive tract toxic, which can make a chicken act like it was poisoned.

I wish I could tell you what is going on with him, but without seeing him or being able to recognize his condition as a specific illness or disease, all I can suggest is that you treat his symptoms. Caging him is part of that, giving him rest away from others.

He might take a month to recover, he might not recover. Wish I could be more specific. Keep him warm by offering a heat lamp so he can regulate his body temp, just like in a brooder. Vitamin and mineral supplements might help.

Hopefully with a good rest he will recover.

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