My 8 mo. pullet has a lump on her shoulder (?) And and cannot step on that leg. It doesn't seem to hurt her when I touch the lump (and it's free moving) but she's holding her leg up until she goes all hunkered down.TY


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by: Sharon

You didn't say the size of the lump. It could be as simple as an ingrown feather that has created a cyst. Could be a tumor or other growth.

The best way to remove these is to cut off the blood supply by tying off the lump at the skin. You may want to remove a few feathers if they are in the way. This allows the lump to die off more slowly and doesn't open the chicken up to as much infection as surgically removing the lump. This only works if there is a small base to the growth, not on wide or flat growths. Usually within a week the growth will dry up and fall off. Watch to see if it grows back.

I doubt the growth has anything to do with the leg problem, unless the chicken is suffering from a disease that causes nerve damage. You haven't said if there are any other symptoms, in this chicken or any others.

I would keep this chicken separate from the rest with good care and see if it improves. I haven't seen these two symptoms linked to a specific disease. But this could be signs of a contagious illness.

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