Sick chick eyes closed

by Erica
(Alma, Ga, USA)


Sick chick eyes closed: My sick chick is just a few days shy of 1 month. I woke up this morning and found one hen with her eyes closed and she is just limp, to the point of when i sit her down she falls over!!

I'm new to raising chicks and I have no idea on what to do first!! please help.

I'm not sure if we are talking about an adult hen and a chick, also. Anytime a chicken is weak, there is the possibility of hyper or hypothermia (too hot or too cold), dehydration, malnutrition and disease.

With so little to go on, I couldn't tell you what is wrong, but offering fluids is important, if the chicken isn't too weak to swallow.

A chick that becomes too hot or too cold will shut down once its body temperature reaches a certain high or low. Determining which one, too hot or too cold, is important.

Most often a chick will be come too cold and warming it up will revive it. Warm fluids help a cold chick and cool fluids will help one that is too hot.

Starting at about 100 degrees F, a chick can usually tolerate having the brooder heat reduced 5 - 10 degrees per week of age. The more chicks you have the more they are able to keep each other warm.

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sticky eyes like water bubble fliud
by: chickenman

Hi I got 2 birds sticky puffy eyes iv tried tylan eye wash still no joy I lost some birds with bleeding bums.

did have grass before but lost to many girls so I slab it all and yet again I'm loosing my birds again can any one help.

Sick Chicken
by: NancyJ

We have a 5 1/2 month old Cuckoo Maran pullet who displayed not only these symptoms, but she was puffed up and removed herself from the flock.

She just didn't look well and we brought her into the house and put her in a box of towels and placed her in front of our wood stove.

We have spent 3 weeks now nursing her back to health (we have no Avian vet in our area so we had no idea what was wrong with her) She was listless and had to be forced to eat anything.

At first we just gave her water with a dropper. We were really lucky.

We were able to buy some diatomaceous earth and sprinkled some in her box, also the Pharmacists sold us a avian antibiotic and I was able to get an antiviral from the internet.

She got everything we had, plus vitamins and iron. She had a few good days where she would sit on my lap and pick at a mash mush (18% laying pellets mixed with water, her antibiotic, some vitamins and iron.

Some days she would only take water and my husband would force her to eat...I hated to see this. Today, her colour started to come back and she actually ate by herself with gusto.

Hopefully we have cracked the disease (whatever it was). Thanks to Henry Chen, the Vancouver pharmacist who was so helpful and all of the people that gave us valuable advice.

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