by Lakshi

Hey i am Lakshi. My chicken is almost 1.5 years old. We brought two chicks but hen died after a month. The chicken has survived. But all of sudden since 3 days he is being extra lazy, standing at one place,trying to hide himself,not eating anything,wants to keep his eyes closed. His droppings are primarily yellowish white with a dark green colour in them. He just drinks water. We gave him a bath yesterday. He still seems to be lethargic,keeps sleeping most of the time, not even making any noises. There is nothing abnormal on his comb.

I want to know what has happened to him?
How can i treat him since i dont have access to a good vet? What can be the possible causes? Can it infect us?


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by: sharon


So sorry to read about your chicken. When chickens are ill we generally treat the symptoms. It has diarrhea, and might be dying.

It must be kept warm enough and encouraged to eat something. If it only wants to drink, then a liquefied food would be good. Offering a moist food to the chicken might give it more strength or energy.

There is no way I could tell you why this has happened to this chicken or the other one you got with it, or how to save it. I know nothing of the environment, food and water quality, if there are any toxins in your area, if there are parasites or disease.

There is also the possibility of a chicken being bitten by a toxic creature - I have no idea what these might be in your area. Snakes or scorpions can deliver toxic venom to a chicken and leave little or no clue as to what happened. If you have any of these animals in your area, it's important to protect chickens from contact with them.

Sadly, it might have eaten something toxic or come to you with a disease that it was strong enough to fight off until now.

When keeping chickens it is important to check them daily for any signs of a problem. Catching a problem early is our best chance to help them recover. Chickens are good at hiding symptoms until they are no longer able to act normal.

It may seem like things changed over night. That could be true if a chicken was exposed to something poisonous. But usually things change slowly until several symptoms are very obvious.

I would suggest that you study chicken care on our web site. You may learn if you have missed something in how you care for your chickens. If you have had chickens successfully before, it's likely the chicken came to you with a disease. I couldn't tell you which one. You might check with who you got the chickens from.

Thank you for contacting us. So sorry this chicken has become so ill.

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