Sick Rhode island Red Hen

by Jenny
(buckley, wa)


Sick Rhode island Red Hen: Chicken found lethargic, eyes clear, no oozing, white liquid diarrhea and head bobbing, rolling listing...wanting to close it's eyes and no eat/drink.

Seems to be tilting to one side. parasite? We feed it an all purpose poultry pellet, scratches for bugs, grass and we give it some scraps 1 x a week (veggie leftovers, stale bread (never moldy) or rice leftovers).

We have 21 hens that roost in apple trees and have clean ever-fount waterer and we are in Seattle so little wet as far as conditions.

No one else sick, just her in the hen house, all others outside and healthy. No sneezing, wheezing or discharge. Any help is greatly appreciated.

My worries are an outbreak or something. What do I need to do to protect others quickly.

I would quickly get some electrolytes into her. Something like Gatorade, with sugar, to boost her energy, and keep her warm with a heat lamp.

As sick as she is, she may need an antibiotic to help kill off whatever possible bacteria has got her down.

Another possibility is that she may have ingested sometime toxic. The symptoms would be similar. Antibiotics wouldn’t help that, but encouraging lots of fluids to flush her system, could.

I would hold her head and dip the tip of her beak in a spoon or jar lid, watching to see if she swallows. Keep dipping her beak as long as she swallows, giving breaks as needed.

Their diet sounds okay. I wonder why they would choose to sleep in the trees in Seattle, rather than in the hen house, where it would probably be dry and less windy.

Most chickens prefer the security of a coop that is locked up at night to keep them safer from predators, like raccoons, that can climb trees. Staying out of stormy damp drafts is healthier for chickens, too.

I would suggest a vitamin schedule for your flock before you attempt to treat an unknown disease with antibiotics.

This sick hen may have an internal parasite problem that hasn’t bothered the others. I would suggest getting a stool sample vet checked, especially if you see no signs of worms. Some live culture yogurt may help if she is strong enough to take more solid food.

Watering it down with some soaked feed may help. Check her body over for any signs of injury or being under weight. It may be too late to help her as she sounds very weak.

On the chance there is something contagious, I would highly recommend separating her from the flock and cleaning the hen house from all her droppings. Hope you can save her, and it doesn’t sound like the rest of the flock has been affected by this.

Getting an exam of the bird or blood or stool samples tested at the vet is really the only way to get to the truth of this matter.

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Sick R.I.R. hen.
by: Raida Corujo

I had the same problem with one of my Rhode Island red, I just gave her some antibiotics for 2 weeks and she was separated from the other until she got better and here she is eating my beautiful flowers again.

I don't really know what was wrong with her but she is healthy and she is a beauty You can try that!!!
The name of the antibiotic is "TETRACYCLINE SOLUBLE POWDER" well good luck,I hope she gets better.

Same thing but chicken died

by: Anonymous

Same thing but chicken died: Same symptoms but I thought she was just broody.

she showed no signs of sickness. But the last 2 days she was listing to one side and could not stand up.

I put her outside to free range with the others yesterday and she died within 2 hours exactly where I placed her.

I could not see any signs of predators
or external feather problems. I still don't know what happened to her and what to do about the others.

sick rhode island hen
by: Anonymous

My New Hampshire red started to go off food a bit and normally was a Peggie, and stayed in her nest box friday. she ate a grape with antibiotics on it. She was out Saturday and Sunday and kept staying in a squatting down position with feathers out like a pancake. She called loudly to me for food, I wish I had taken her to the vet then... but it was a weekend. she had been wormed the month before just fine. Monday I put her outside and she had whitish diarrhea, then bobbed her beak in the water with eyes closed, too weak to drink. I petted her, and put her on the grass and went to get a box to bring her to the vet, when I came back she had a violent spasm, made a little scrawk, and her neck twisted. I rushed her to the vet, but he said she was DOA. She was my favorite little hen, always sat in my lap, nuzzled my leg when wanting to be petted, hopped on my back while gardening, a true joy and gift, only 1 and a half. Necropsy ruptured ova, yolk in oviduct. Take action the minute your chickens show any signs of off balance or strangeness!

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