Silkie hens sitting on eggs

by Patty Marino
(Yorktown New York 10598)


Silkie hens sitting on eggs: I have two Silky hens sharing a nest of eggs. They are due to hatch this weekend 3/26/11.

I noticed that one of the roosters had a BAD case of lice and mites, and I have removed him and treated him with seven 5%.

Now I noticed that the hens have some too, and when I picked them up their tail feathers were all stuck together, so I rubbed them, and they came off I clumps.

One of them I noticed has NO feathers on her underside....just black skin ( normal for a Silky they have black skin) I am concerned that with our weather (we live in new York) that they will not survive!

I dusted them with seven also. Do you think that this is normal, or is it from the BUGS!!! Please help I do not know if I should take the chicks (if they hatch) away from Mommy, or should I take Mommy Hen and the eggs due to hatch...into our house in a cage so they can hatch in the warmth, and a treated cage (with seven) Please let me know what your think?

Along with dusting the chickens it’s vital to thoroughly clean your coop and nests. You should be able to change the nesting material where your hens are setting and get them right back on the eggs.

I would suggest sprinkling some Seven under the nesting material and under the new floor litter in the coop. It would be good to spray the coop regularly with a Pyrethrin product.

Most feed stores carry a concentrated liquid. It’s generally made to spray on animals as well as environment, so is safe.

Mites can hide out in cracks and crevices in the coop and are often too small to see.

There are several mites that can bother chickens. Some burrow into the feather follicles and can lead to feather loss.

There can be some natural feather loss on the underside of broody hens. This allows better warm moist skin contact with the eggs, especially in colder climates.

With your concern for these hens you may want to provide a heat lamp for them or bring them in the house as you mentioned, until the weather warms up.

Check the directions on the Seven dust and any product you use against mites and retreat as directed. Generally one treatment will not eradicate the problem.

I would highly recommend a good vitamin drench for your chickens and possibly some conditioning feed. Mites can rob them of health by sucking blood and making them weak and sick.

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