by tabatha
(florence oregon)

What would cause our chicken to be bleeding from her bottom? We noticed an egg had blood on it and looked at the chickens and one is all bloody on her bottom.

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by: Sharon

When you say bleeding, this implies a flow of blood that continues. I don't know how long the bleeding has been going on or how heavy the flow. Depending on how much blood, there could be a few things going on.

A lot of flowing blood would indicate an injury internally. Some blood mixed with her droppings might indicate intestinal irritation.

Intestinal irritation is often caused by Coccidiosis. Since chicken feces and their eggs pass through the same opening, blood in feces can be transferred to eggs.

A small amount of blood on an egg is somewhat normal when a hen begins laying for the first time in her life or after a seasonal break. Usually after she lays the first couple of eggs there is no more bleeding.

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