Swollen rooster thigh

by Rolly
(Penn Valley california)

What would cause a rooster's leg to swell to the point that he would stop using it? His injured thigh is about four times the size of the Nola one. It seems like some sort of injury, but there is no obvious signs of trauma. Could it be some sort of internal infection that is only affecting one leg? Should we get some anti-biotics? Please help. I am afraid that he might not last much longer.

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by: Anonymous

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Swollen Leg

This sounds like it might have been a break or some kind of bite that became infected. When keeping chickens we learn that sometimes very unusual symptoms show up in one or more of the flock. Short of taking them to a vet, all we can do is treat symptoms and try to support the individuals through. I hope your guy made it through. I'm sorry we have been away and didn't get to your question sooner.

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