by Louann
(san diego, california)

My 2 year old Rhode Island Red chicken is not laying regularly anymore, has paper thin eggs that break when she nests, has lost feathers on the front of her neck that are not coming back. She is in a large dog run with coop inside it, not open range. "Paste" I think its called, is starting to collect in her hind area. Can you help diagnose? I live in San Diego.

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by: Sharon

The thin egg shells are likely due to calcium deficiency. Do you give oyster shell as a supplement?

I'd also suggest getting some Food Grade DE (Diatomaceous Earth). That can be added to feed & put in a dust bath. It can help with any parasites & help clean out her digestive tract and balance out her digestive system. She sounds like she nutritionally drained. Does she get greens, fruits & veggies?

I'd recommend a conditioning feed to get her back in shape, plus supplemental fresh foods. Is she alone? You didn't mention any other chickens.

She is young for a Rhode Island Red. Are you sure that is her breed, not a Production Red?

Not sure why you think her crop might be impacted. Do the crop contents feel solid, not mushy?

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