My 10 week old Golden Commet has a large tumor in the breast area or possibly the breast muscle detached from the breast bone.

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Breast Lump 10 Week Chick
by: sharon

Other than taking this chick to the vet, probably all that can be done is to support it, make sure it is eating and drinking and not being picked on by others. If it is acting strangely it would be good to separate it from others.

If it's acting normally, the best thing to do is keep an eye on it. If this is a tumor that is growing, or possibly the result of an injury, it may right its self without intervention.

A lump can be an ingrown feather that turns into a cyst. These aren't life threatening unless the infection spreads internally. Since we can't see what is going on, have no idea the size of the lump, if the skin looks injured or not, there's not much more advice we can give.

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