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Broody Bantam

by: Parker Pond Farm

Broody Bantam: We have two banty hens and one banty roo. One of the girls has become SO broody! She has stopped laying altogether and likes to sit on five full-sized eggs. She gets so mad when I do an egg run. I don't have room for more chicks (and refuse to overcrowd my coop!), so her efforts are in vain. It's cute how she flares out all of her feathers to protect the eggs from me (she nips too if she gets the chance). Someday I'll be able to free range and my coop size won't matter so much (they have a 24'x36' run now to keep the family dogs from attacking them). They're not my dogs, so I can't rehome them, but someday we'll have our own place! Thanks for sharing!

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