by Robyn Rodriguez
(Hollister, California, USA)


In the last week, I have lost 2 chickens. I check on them morning and night. They all run around, greet me, and seem perfectly fine.

I am noticing runny poo around the coop, but not very much. The poo is light brown and very runny. I dont know which ones are doing it. I dont see anything (bugs) in the poo. I had 14 chickens and I am down to 12.

I use straw for bedding, my husband treated the straw and dirt for parasites about a month ago. They dig under the straw to get to the dirt to take their dirt baths. Seems normal enough. I live on the Central Coast of California. It stays around 70 -80 degrees. Not to hot. Not too cold.

They are 5 months old. I give them laying crumble. I give them oyster shell once per week in their food. They have plenty of clean water. The coop is well ventilated.

They started laying early (like 4 months). Every once in awhile I would find HUGE eggs with double yolks. Not in the last few days though.

But I have lost two in a week. What could it be? Please help!


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by: Sharon

You've only given me one possible clue, but I have no idea what treatment was used for possible parasites.

Sounds like you have production hens, with them laying so early, which is normal. Large eggs & double yolks aren't unusual.

The diarrhea you mentioned can simply be in response to additional foods like fruits or veggies, not necessarily a sign of illness.

You might see worms in droppings, but not necessarily.

What did your husband use to treat the ground?

Hopefully you haven't lost anymore. I highly recommend Diatomaceous Earth - FOOD GRADE, for parasite control in chickens. It's all natural and good for them to eat, take dust baths in.

I don't ever recommend treating with chemicals unless you have a severe infestation that needs urgent attention. Chemicals can get into eggs through the chickens.

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