Yesterday one of our chooks was found in the chook shed laying to the left side on the cement .she was ice cold when the other chooks saw her they started to attack her.we picked her up,and held her till she was warm offered her food whislt in my arms and she gobbled up the live meal worms.kept her in a container overnight .today she is still alive but unable to stand and her head is down.she gobbled up live mealworms and some spinach but not water so mixed water with starter mix and mealworms she is really thin breast bone can be felt easily. We tried to stand her up,whilst eating but her feet are like claws and the left leg isn't sitting properly

Yesterday she was walking around and ate a little cut up lettuce leaves I gave her. She has been to the toilet which other then very soft seems OK had to wash her vent down
Can you help?


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Difficulty Walking
by: Sharon

Sounds like she is battling a virus of some kind. She may be able to recover with care. I couldn't say what is wrong exactly, but her symptoms sound like some common chicken illnesses.

Her only chance is if she is kept warm & encouraged to eat & drink. Vitamins and Electrolytes might help and rich foods that are easy to swallow and digest that will help her gain weight back.

Some illnesses with these symptoms are impossible for a chicken to recover from, but others are like a hard bad flu virus, and they can recover with care and build up an immunity to the illness.

Only you will know if she is improving. The paralysis in her feet and legs might get better, or it might spread through her body which will likely be a sign that this is not something she will recover from.

The best you can do is try to keep her safe and comfortable as you are. She may need a heat lamp to be able to maintain a good body temperature that can help her immune system to work and help her to digest her food and absorb nutrients she needs.

Fruits and veggies are great, warm cereals, even scrambled eggs and other protein foods. Soaked breads, avoid sugar, table scraps, anything that she wants to eat can help her regain her strength.

Not knowing what is wrong, I couldn't suggest a medication. If this a virus, antibiotics won't help and may actually slow the healing process.

Hopefully with your good care she will improve.

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