2 weeks ago I noticed a white spot above my chicken's eye. I started treating it with topical abx but it went black so I stopped hoping it would self resolve.
It is still there and I'm not sure if I should continue with topical abx or try something different.
She is otherwise well. The skin is not broken and she is not being bullied.
Any suggestions would be really appreciated.


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by: Sharon

Abx might help with a wound, but this seems closed. Hard to tell what could have caused it.

Could be a spider or insect bite. Looks a bit like something has created a lump. Could even be an ingrown feather.

To help it go away, you might gently try to open it. Then Abx would be good. Could be a little abscess that will get bigger if not stopped.

Hard to say. Sometimes letting things be is the best choice. If it's growing, I'd be tempted to open it up and clean. Difficult spot right near an eye. Abx ointment would probably be the least irritating to her eye of any topical treatments.

Opening it up might lead to the curiosity of others in the flock and she may start to scratch it.

With things like this I prefer to watch and if not getting worse or bothering her, leave it be. It may dry up and heal on its own.

There are some Chick Pox viruses that cause growths. Good to be aware of those and watch the rest of the flock for any similar symptoms.

Healthy environment and diet are the best immune system boosters - plenty of sunshine, no stress, access to fresh veggies of some sort, possibly give the whole flock vitamin supplements.

Using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade DE) can add trace minerals to diet, plus get rid of any external or internal parasites. Parasites can work against a good healthy immune system. DE in dust baths can naturally deter external parasites and kill them as well. Internally DE can scrub intestinal parasites from the digestive system without use of drugs or chemicals.

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