What Could Cause A Swollen Eye & Unable To Stand?

by rusty croley
(wellsville ny usa)

I have a rooster who has a swollen eye and cant get up rolls around . I did give antibiotics . he seemed to get better . but no he is rolling around fighting to stand what do I do . we have no vet around here for chickens and we live in the mddle of nowhere please help asap

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What to do about rooster with swollen eye that can't stand
by: Sharon

I would immediately remove this rooster from the flock & away from other poultry. I can't diagnose a specific disease, but these symptoms could be a sign of something contagious.

You didn't say how long this has been going on with him, so I have no idea if he has a chance to recover.

Even if we do have a vet that will see a sick chicken, it can often be VERY expensive to just get a diagnosis, to find out IF the chicken can be treated or cured. Often the kindest thing to do is to put a very sick chicken out of its misery.

If you want to continue to try to nurse him back to health, he'll need a heat lamp to help regulate body temperature - in a brooder type set up so he can move to or away from the heat as needed. If antibiotics seemed to help, he may need more, plus vitamins & minerals and food and water close.

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