What is it?

by Leah Sorenson

Hello my name is Leah Sorenson, and I have a question. We had 3 roosters and 15 hens and now we only have 1 of each. And we don't know what is killing it. But, today we saw outside our country home that their were grass padded down and feathers just like the chickens. It was by a big pile of rocks. And there were also feathers on a specific on a rock. My mom says it's a fox but I don't know for sher can you help and have an idea of what it is?

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by: sharon

We are sorry to read of the loss of so many chickens. Unfortunately without much more information, we are unable to help you figure this out. We would need to know where you live, what kind of predators are in your area, and what kind of enclosure you have for chickens that would keep different predators out, or allow them in.

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