by Karen Kelley
(Walnut Grove, MO)

I have been getting an egg every other day that has what looks like individual larve on the outside shell. some days it will cover 50% of the egg. What the heck am I dealing with?


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What's on these eggs?
by: Sharon

Hi Karen,

If you sent a photo, it didn't come through. Couldn't begin to guess what you're seeing. There are close to a million kinds of insects in the world. You didn't mention the color or other specifics, so I have no clue what you might be seeing.

Since chickens lay eggs & poo through their cloaca, there is a possibility of intestinal parasite eggs passing with a chicken egg, but I've never seen this. Also a possibility of bubbly diarrhea, though the intestinal tract is closed off during egg laying, so limits this possibility.

What I have seen on eggs is an irregular bumpy surface that can be caused by a number of things, generally a calcium deficiency. This can also be a sign of old age in a hen that isn't able to produce all necessary egg shell layers & coatings that she could when young.

On the chance that this is some kind of parasite eggs, I'd suggest deworming with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), not to be confused with the chemical type sold in garden departments. DE scrubs out the intestinal tract with tiny particles, is chemical free, organic, non-toxic and actually beneficial - carrying many trace minerals, which can benefit chickens' health & help make better egg shells. DE is being used more and more as a safe livestock and poultry dewormer, works on dogs & cats too.

I also like to sprinkle DE in fresh litter and nesting after cleaning the coop. It helps cut down on flies, bugs and external parasites. If your chickens have scratched out a dust bath in their yard, you can sprinkle some there, too, to help keep flies and other bugs or parasites - like poultry fleas, mites & lice off them.

Wish I could see or imagine what you are seeing, but for now, with no more to go on, this is my best guess and advice.

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