What to do for a sick chick?

by jean
(brunswick.ga usa)

I have a 2 week old chick. He seemed very healthy then one morning he was laying in the coop and other chicks were stepping on him. I separated him from others and now he can't stand, legs out steatched. The chick keeps opening his mouth grasping for breath, will not eat or drink. This has been going on for 3 days. Please help.

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What to do for sick chick
by: Sharon

Sorry to read this, but thanks for writing in.

Something like this could have so many reasons for happening. He could have gotten too cold, could have been injured, eaten something that has blocked his digestion or was toxic.

It sounds like he is dying and there is not much to be done for him at this point. He must be kept warm in a brooder and you must try to get him to eat some very liquefied food, if he will swallow.

If he hasn't eaten in days, his chances of recovery are small. I can't tell if he was in a brooder with other chicks or in a coop with other chickens. This is a tough time of year to be raising new chicks, unless they are indoors and well heated.

If he was hatched by a hen, he may not have been able to stay warm enough if there are too many growing chicks under her now.

I wish I had an easy fix for him. Warmth and food and liquids are vital for him.

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