When to process Cornish Cross?

by Rita grasse
(waubeka, wi)

We butchered above bird this am, crop contents was quite green. Huge liver size of the palm of a normal hand. She was acting fine, just bullying the leghorns. No eggs inside. Eating corn, starter mash, garden plants and bread. Just started oyster shell 1 week ago.

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When are Cornish Cross mature?
by: brad

The Cornish Cross breed was designed for quick maturing and early processing of this meat breed. They were not designed for long healthy lives and are generally considered ready for processing of meat by 8 weeks of age. Any abnormalities in health are quite normal for this breed if allowed to live past their prime processing age. Hens often cannot lay and become quite disabled as they age, becoming unable to roost, and walk, plus internal problems.

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