I found one Of my chicks sitting down with its mouth open . White liquid came out of its mouth when I picked it up . Seems to be gasping for air . Please tell me what to do.


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by: Sharon

I wish we could be faster answering questions like this.

I hope the chick is OK now.

It would be difficult to give you a precise answer no knowing the consistency of liquid. It could be mucous indicating a respiratory problem, could be excessive fluids in the crop coming up, especially if there was pressure on the crop when you picked it up.

If I had a chick like that in my hand I would turn it upside down and swing it gently to try to remove as much of the fluid as possible to clear the airway.

I'd isolate it, keep it warm with food and water near and watch it for other signs. Usually the most logical treatment for symptoms is the best way to go.

It's very difficult to diagnose problems with a single symptom long distance. It's even difficult often to diagnose a chicken right in your hands.

Each symptom is a clue to what is going on. I do my best to treat symptoms when they arise. I avoid giving antibiotics unless I'm sure there is some specific reason that a chicken's whole body would be helped by using them.

I prefer more natural things like vitamins & supplements, warmth, - supplements that can help reverse a condition.

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