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Help with what is wrong with my chicken I have been treating with antibiotics


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by: Sharon

Chickens that get this bubbly eye symptom usually have Infectious Coryza. (I'd recommend reading up on it. Many articles and much information on line about this common chicken disease.)

I've read that people have success treating it with Tylan - an injected antibiotic for live stock. Oral antibiotics are not a good option for sick chickens because they interfere with their digestive system, which can hold them back from recovering from an illness.

It's called INFECTIOUS Coryza, for a reason: Highly contagious. It's like a bad flu virus in humans, can have added symptoms of congestion, difficulty breathing, runny discharge from nares & mouth, accompanied by a bad smell. They can lose their appetite, not eat or drink, and become very weak. Chickens that survive these symptoms build an immunity to the disease, but can still spread it to other chickens after they are well.

To help this chicken I'd recommend isolating it with a heat lamp and treating it with the Tylan, available at most feed stores. Encourage eating and drinking with wet foods, vitamins & electrolytes, and watch for any other chickens with similar symptoms.

A chicken can carry this virus and not become ill until its immune system is weakened for one reason or another. It would be a good idea to make sure any new chicks or chickens you bring to your coop are vaccinated against this disease.

The organism can only live in the environment for about 3 days after an infected sick bird is removed. So, once you remove this one, three days later, you will know if any others are going to show signs or not.

I'd watch your flock and look into vaccinating. I'm not sure about vaccinating chickens that may be carriers. But with possible carriers in the flock, something you should learn about.

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