by Amy

What would cause my 3 yr old light brown leghorn hen to be walking upright? I thought she might be egg bound and gave her a 15 minute warm bath but even after drying out same posture.


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Chicken Upright?
by: Sharon

I'm so sorry, but I have no idea what you mean.

All I can guess is that she is standing taller than she usually does? But you say you suspected she might be egg bound. An egg bound hen is usually settled down as they do when nesting.

Not understanding at all what's going on. I have no idea or suggestion for what to do about it.

You're obviously noticing an unusual behavior, so the best thing is to give her a thorough exam from head to toe. Make sure her crop is not full and hard, that she is eating and drinking and that her droppings are normal. You might want to isolate her from the others, that way, if she has an illness you are protecting the rest of the chickens she is usually with, and you can monitor her better.

I can't imagine what would cause a chicken to walk more upright than is normal, other than some kind of nerve problem. I've never seen something like this last in a chicken, long enough to suspect something wrong so can't help you much more. I've seen chickens run when scared or excited, and I would consider that more upright than normal - but it doesn't last after they stop running.

I hope she is OK and returns to normal soon.

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