Why Is My Silkie Acting So Strange?

Young Silkie I have had her for about 2 months. All the sudden she was acting crazy in cage. Running around making strange calking sound mouth kept open.All of them were at the end of cage were there was no light. Did she get to hot? HELP!

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Silkie Acting Strangely
by: Sharon

Just got a chance to check our messages.

This could be a reaction to too much heat. Really hard to say. Is she OK now?

Not knowing why she is acting that way, it would be next to impossible to tell you what to do for her. This isn't a behavior I've seen for more than a few seconds at the most, when a chicken panics for some reason.

She could have swallowed something that got stuck, made it hard to breathe and she freaked out. Her panic might just be what she needed to fix things.

I hope she is OK now and wish I could be more help.

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