Yellow Discharge

by Blake
(united states )

Hello, One of my chickens has had a yellow discharge and I don't know what to do, she was pasting and she is loosing feathers, she is a Silver Laced Wyandotte and when she layed and egg, it was covered in that yellow stuff she had discharged from her vent.

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Yellow Discharge
by: sharon

Yellow diarrhea can be a sign of internal organ failures or problems.

I would suggest isolating her. Feather loss this time of year could just be a hard molt. You didn't mention her age. Chickens can go through a hard molt every few years and can look pretty shabby. If she's not very old, and not very sick, she should grow new feathers before Winter.

You might want to support her with vitamins, peace and quiet away from the flock, try apples, some canned pumpkin, some greens along with a high protein or chick start feed and grit. Some live culture yogurt may help jump start her digestive system and some raw cider vinegar in her water may help detox her system as well.

The best way to find out what is causing this, short of an expensive vet visit and tests, is to keep her in a controlled environment, so you know what she is eating and drinking. Support whatever symptoms you see as well as you can.

If she is old, she may just be getting worn out. If she does have some major organ issues, there may be little you can do to help her, other than support her issues and give her a rest away from other chickens that might pick on her. Other chickens can be brutal to one that is feeling off and not acting right. That added stress can prevent her from recovering.

She may have eaten something that was toxic and has upset her digestion. There are so many possibilities of things that can go wrong in a chicken's health. It can be hard to learn the cause, especially if there is something major going on inside.

She needs to be able to keep warm enough. If she is battling an illness access to a heat lamp may help, especially at night if your area is cooling off.

So sorry we can't give you a specific reason for this. Hope you find the suggestions helpful.

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