young rooster with swollen crop

Hello, I took him to a vet and they gave me antibiotics and said it was not the crop... after some thought I do not believe this is true. and it wsa my instinct as your article says that the antibiotics will not help the crop clear out. It has been close to a week. He is eating and drinking some.

The crop area is hardish and swollen about the size of a golf ball, he is only a very young rooster.

He does poop some but not a whole lot.

How serious is this and do you have any advice beyond the apple cider vinegar.

Thank you so very much,

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Crop Problem
by: sharon

If this were my chicken I would try to massage the crop. If the lump is too hard, I would put him on watery food, like soaked grains, maybe some cider vinegar. After he has eaten such wet food, try to massage the lump again. It's possible he swallowed something that size, but doubtful. Antibiotics will kill good and bad bacteria in the crop and slow the digestion process. Some live culture, no sugar yogurt might help restore bacteria. Oral antibiotics for birds should be avoided due to how their crop works and uses bacteria to break down food, with the help of liquids.

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