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Some Suggestions

by: Anonymous

Some Suggestions: I have had to add new chickens to my flock due to an over active dog. I had a similar problem and I can share some tips.

It helps if you are adding several chickens at once. The new chickens will hang out together and the old ones will hang out together for a few days. Then you will notice that they don't mind each other.

I have heard from others that you can put the new chicken into the coop in a cage for a few days so that they get used to each other without ripping each other apart.

Another thing that seems to work for some is to sneak the new chicken in at night while the others are sleep and they will wake up as if that have always lived together.

And lastly, as for the pecking you can get a topical product similar to "stop peck" which is the color of blood but taste like hot peppers. the chickens will learn to associate the red color of blood with the bad taste of hot peppers and wont peck anymore.

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