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Swollen eyes and dry swollen comb

Why are my chicken's eyes suddenly swollen? The comb also looks cracked, dry and swollen.

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hen turns into rooster

I have 3 chicks 83 days old, one of them is a rooster(I could see that a month ago) the other 2 were hens. It seems like just over night the hens have

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My chickens don't lay tell late in the morning what up?

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We have 8 leghorn hens that are about 5-6 months old. All of them now have droopy and black spotted combs. It has been very hot here, over 100 degrees.

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Scaly Legs

My chicken won't jump off her perch and is not very active. Her legs are peeling and look like they have growths

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Problem walking

I bought 3 chicks, 2 white silkies and 1 Black bantam hen ( Cochin? ) 12wks later I find that 1 silkie is a rooster and has been jumping my black hen.

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After a stroke

Found my little 3 month old on the floor - no blood, no attacks, she was alert, but paralyzed, both legs. From there, she went into a semi coma - but

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Chicken with Swollen Eye

Hello. I have a pekin who has a very swollen eye. I first thought it may have been an eye worm but now I am not convinced. I can't find a worm and it seems

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Chicken Fun

How do chickens respond to their environment

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Purple comb

My rooster is less than a year old- about 4 1/2 months. His comb has just started turning a dark purple towards the back, but he has not started acting

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Chicken Breeds

Rhode Island Red and Leghorn

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Hello. I have a rooster and he is 8 months old his crown is very big and because of that it started tilting towards one side and now his right eye is totally


Foot wound

My chicken looks like she has picked a hole in the top of her footit's bloody and raw looks like it might be a little infected

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My chicken is lethargic

My hen Rosie has been acting lethargic for the last few days but it's very noticeable today and her belly seems larger than usual and she's walking like

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Chick behaving strangely

Chick is opening mouth, then wings are flapping and her temperature is high like may be having fits. She flaps her wings walking back(wards), then sleeps

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