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Auction Hen Having Problems


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crop/ neck problems

Our full sized chicken had a bulging crop for a few days. We got it to finally go down and the sour crop is almost gone. However, her neck is still swollen.

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Rash on Beak & Comb

Hen's beak has brown raised spots and area around comb has the same. Her head is looking grey now.

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Blind Brahma Pullet

I have 3 Dark Brahma pullets. I noticed 3 days ago 1 was really skinny, pecking at the air above the feed, and the dominant pullet was trying to direct

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When to process Cornish Cross?

We butchered above bird this am, crop contents was quite green. Huge liver size of the palm of a normal hand. She was acting fine, just bullying the

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Do you mind if I put a link to your site in an article I am writing?

I am writing an article on basic chicken raising for a friends blog/site. I would like to put a link to your site in the article. The size of my article

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Boredom & Pecking Order Issues?

Hello,I have 16 3 week old chicks of various breeds. One of the Australorp chicks has lost all the down from the back of its neck. It still seems to be

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Digestive Problem

We have a flock of 13 Dominque hens and have one hen that keeps getting a build up of feces around her vent...they are 29 weeks and this is the second

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Rooster with Walking & Balance Problems

My roster is not walking around very well and acts drunk. I have him now in his own cage and he eats and drinks fine but not moving around much at all.

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Chickie Poo

my 2 chickens have diaherra, one worse than the other. I feed them laying pellets and grit. I give them oats, both dry and cooked as well as pearl barley,

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Lump on Ear

My Golden Wyandotte has a large bump on her ear. What is it? It just started yesterday and is even larger today. She seems to feel fine.

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Swollen Eye

I have a hen with a swollen eye. No sign of trauma nothing. It's getting bigger too. I've cleaned it, put drops into it. Each day it's swollen worse. She

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New Chicks Having Problems

I have a chick that hatched 5 days ago. He appears quite healthy, eats/drinks/poops like he should . However he is not able to stand or walk without

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Chicken Acting Drunk

This bird is a 2-1/2 year old she just started acting a little slower than the other birds. Today when I got home from work she was still on the roost

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14 Hens, Only 8 Eggs a Day

my chickens are almost a year. i have five breeds. three of each. one rooster King Tut.the most eggs i've had are one day of thirteen and an average of

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