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Santa Isabel PR Finca El Ojo, sector Paso Seco.

Buff Rocks, Road island Reds. Egyptian Fayomis, and other exotic. vvangeldepaz@gmail.com

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Chicken comb

I have a pol warren, she is 23wks old. Her comb is a very pale pink and it looks like one of my other chickens has tried to attack it. Any advice/recommendations

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Makhoul's Farm in Pennsylvania

We have mostly Cornish hens and broilers. All white. There are about 1,500 chickens from ages 3 months to 5 months. Live weight is about 7-12 pounds. We

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young rooster with swollen crop

Hello, I took him to a vet and they gave me antibiotics and said it was not the crop... after some thought I do not believe this is true. and it wsa my

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concerned and confused

My chickens are 2 yrs old and I have never had a problem until about 6 months ago they started losing feathers I thought they were molting but the feathers

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The Hawk that was a Rooster.

On Jan 12th, 2013 my pet store after a massive make over reopened. With the influx of people came the calls to rescue animals. So the last Saturday of

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Giday from Australia

Being a first time Chook owner I find it awesome that there are so many people willing to share information and advice. Here are some photographs of our

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We have 3 hens. Two young ones were just introduced, and apparently introduced some disease. The youngest (doesn't have adult feathers yet) has always

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medication for chickens

I have 3 hens (2 are production reds and 1 is black sex link) that seem to have a cold. My vet prescribed sulfadimethoxine 12.5%; my chickens are 6 1/2

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Swollen rooster thigh

What would cause a rooster's leg to swell to the point that he would stop using it? His injured thigh is about four times the size of the Nola one. It

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iowa blue chickens

Where can I purchase one dozen Iowa Blue Chicks? Everyone gives me runaround but no answer

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1 yr old black australop hen -closed eye, head tilted to side

Woke this morning, she stayed in run, shooed her out, noticed shaking head, scratching but still free ranging. checked 30 min later, looked closer and

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RIR, 8 months old, not laying eggs yet, hard and small crop that does not fill up, not eating as much

As the title says, my sweet girl is not eating as much as she used to, her crop no longer feels full ever and is hard, small and always about the size

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hen almost 12 weeks old cockoo maran

I have 12 week old hen. Noticed whe she was approx 2 wks amd thought she had splayed leg and taped her legs for awhile. Have her in house in cage but

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Pale comb and tail down

I have a hen about 4 mth old. Her comb is pale and her tail is down. This has been going on for about 4 days. She eats and stands ok. She doesn't look

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